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Tony has been featured on CBS, CBS Sports, ESPN, Fox, FS1, Fox Radio, and iHeat Radio.

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Meet Tony Sands

Tony Sands is an exceptional speaker who creates a human experience that awakens the audience and shines a light on the path ahead. He engages people’s hearts, which in turn connects them back to their highest purpose as human beings or as a team or a company. Tony can move people beyond the daily distractions to lead them back to remembering their important mission. With his thoughts and compelling words, he creates an environment of thought-provoking content that leads people to dwell in possibility and see things from new points of vision.

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Passion, Energy,  Hard Work, and Commitment

Oklahoma State Family
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Tony has inspired and motivated a broad range of audiences. Watch Tony perform his speeches and voiceovers and be featured in various interviews and panels.

Speaking Engagements

Tony is a motivational speaker who speaks internationally with a compelling life story and a solid commitment to people. He has been featured on CBS, CBS Sports, ESPN, Fox, FS1, Fox Radio, and iHeart Radio to name a few. Tony has worked with some of the ranging speak affiliates in the industries.

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Tony Sands’ Show gives you a close and upfront look at what masks Tony as a great motivator, speaker, life coach, and community activist.


Tony achieved another objective in 2021: he vowed to his father that he would become an author and tell his story before his death. “I Was Before My Time” is a book about his life from start to finish. Through his thoughts and compelling words, he creates content that inspires people to consider possibilities and view things from new perspectives.

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A wide range of audiences have been inspired and motivated by Tony.  In various interviews and panels, Tony performed his speeches and voiceovers.



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 “Tony is one of the best motivational speakers I have heard. His book is a game changer.”

Michael Irvin

KU Coach Lance Leipold Testionials Photo

"Tony Sands is very inspiring, and I love his speech Brick by Brick."

KU Coach Lance Leipold

Bobby Hallback Testionials Photo

"Coach Sands participated in our Mental Health Summit on June 26, 2021. Coach Sands delivered some incredible life stories, changing events that captivated and behooved the audience, based on his life experiences from childhood to adulthood.”

Bobby Hallback

Roger Harriett Testionials Photo

"Tony Sands is a decorated alumnus of the St. Thomas Aquinas Raiders. His competitive spirit and professional nature played an integral role in establishing STA’s great traditions, championship culture, and world-renowned reputation. Today, he’s affectionately known as the “super train” who founded the Getsandsational program for speed and strength.  Coach Sands is a beloved community leader. I’m honored to collaborate with him on improvement projects to benefit our local youths’ aspirations to be champions and leaders for the greater good as we prosper forward."

Roger Harriott

Speaking Affiliates

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Tony wrote his book, “ I Was Before My Time,” to start the conversation of mental awareness with athletes on and off the field. In the book, he gives a clear understanding of what it takes to overcome mental depression in today’s time.

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